Command Center

Digital Works possesses a Command Center allowing to quickly identify critical incidents and problems, isolate and restore service to minimize the impact on our customers and our business.

Security Operation Center (SOC) :

We provide our customers with a Security Operation System (SOC) acting as a detection, analysis, risk prevention and alerting system, as well as a tool for decision support, protection and contingency.
Through our well-configured SOC, Digital Works can ensure business continuity and anticipate potential problems and incidents, while providing supervision, qualification and alerting.

Network Operation Center (NOC) :

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) solution enables us to manage a centralized operations center to administer, monitor, closely monitor and maintain end-to-end telecommunications networks. Our dedicated NOC installation proposes a whole range of offers. It provides service-related information and maps based on operational drivers for better optimization and optimized cost-benefits. Our NOC services include:

  • Problem Management
  • Network supply
  • Configuration and Publication Management
  • System Administration and Backup
  • End User Assistance
  • Security Management
  • Application Management