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Digital Works’ DNA is based on the continuous innovation and development of new solutions to push the boundaries of customer experience, optimize business processes and design innovative customer relation strategies.With a range of solutions, Digital Works has a simple vocation : a quality service with the right price!

Contact Center

Digital Works makes sure to provide the international customers with the excellence and development in their customer experience.

Business Process Outsourcing

Drawing on our experience in business process and technology outsourcing, Digital Works helps you achieve operational excellence while maximizing your value.

Command Center

Digital Works has a Command Center that provides highly specialized services in a reliable system.


Digital Works is a specialist in the distribution and integration of world-leading solutions and exclusive partnerships with major actors in Silicon Valley, Africa, and the Middle East.



Digital Works’ DNA is based on the continuous innovation and development of new solutions.



If you are looking for a job with opportunities of evolution and skills development, worldwide, join our teams!

Our services


Offering a range of solutions, Digital Works has a simple vocation: a quality service at the right price!

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Our Values


Customer satisfaction

We give our customers a special interest, ensuring a warm welcome and full access to all resources, with open discussions on all topics, We consider the satisfaction of our customer as the mirror of our competence. That’s why we make from our quality, deadlines and services engagement, our priority.

Operational effectiveness

The key of Digital Works excellence is the involvement of its operators who
commonly contribute to the innovation and continuous improvement of the company.
And this is thanks to the training program from which benefit our employees.


Through our policy, we make sure that employees comply to the company’s projects. This visibility makes it possible to involve all the resources of the organization and proposes a coherent framework of intervention in the implementation of the actions and a common ambition and motivation.


Without hierarchical distinction, and thanks to our Gender Diversity Program, each employee is recognized for the accomplished work and the achieved objectives. The contribution of everyone is the success of all!

Our Happy Team members

Anas B.
Operation Director
Anas, a seasoned guitarist and true music lover, has the ability to animate and motivate people around him. Today he is a Operation Director and knows how to make his teams productive wealth for Digital Works
Susan K.
Project Manager

Susan, a chess lover, has always been consulted by her friends and family to help them in their decision making. At Digital Works, she is a Project Manager who manages strategies on different projects and shares her know-how with all her colleagues.

Digital Works
Fatoumata T.

Fatoumata loves fashion and had always have a penchant for colors and design. Fatoumata holds the position of designer and products every day creative supports for her company

Global Presence

Thanks to the global presence of Digital Works, you can rely on our network to ensure quality service at the right price.

Our international network is constantly expanding. With many international implantations and Delivery Centers installed all around the world, Digital Works has been ambitious and continues to roll out around the world.




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