Optimize your potential with a specialist.

Major assets thanks to a strategic partnership

Digital Works continues to build strong strategic relationships with its customers. We work closely together to achieve the objectives set in terms of performance, transformation or financial results. Our customers who appreciate to benefit from an orchestrated approach of outsourcing, are of different types.

Telecom/ Technology/ Media

We work in your sector, with a number of clients, whether they are specialized only in telecommunications, experts in the media or even more and more companies offering combined services.


Our activities in financial services meet the highest regulatory standards. They are in full agreement with PCI DSS standards and meet the requirements of international regulators in all the markets in which we operate.


In the e-commerce sector, consumers go online to look for information or go to a shop to try a product. Their expectations are getting higher and higher! To be satisfying, we ensure that customer process is fluid at each point of contact, through an approach, giving resellers the opportunity to win customers’ hearts, convince them and generate market share.


We have the means and technologies to support the energy market, that faces a double challenge: providing efficient services that meet the needs of customers and accompany market developments, new energy policies and changes in the energy market regulatory framework. With its high know-how, Digital Works proves that it is possible to win this battle while enjoying a quality service at the real price.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality industry companies are in the need to offer exceptional customer experiences today. Our expertise allows you to optimize your customer process thanks to a complete, multichannel and multilingual offer while optimizing your costs.