To climb the ladder, first, you have to make the right choice

Human capital is essential for Digital Works, which commits itself every day to retain and motivate its employees.

Human wealth at the center of our strategy

Digital Works realized early the strategic role of human resources management in the performance of its activities and perennity. Digital Works has therefore adopted a rational and motivating management policies for its resources, at the origin of the availability of a qualified, mobilized and engaged staff.

Career Management

Digital Works has put in place a career management plan that combines employee expectations with the needs of the organization. This way, with equal opportunities, the fast track of young high-potential profiles is a priority in career management and mobility plans, through the dynamization of international job mobility, the succession plan, the career path by call for applications and promotion through scoring. All in the prospect of expanding the professional horizons of employees.


“D Institute” represents the central point of the trainings allowing the employees to control the tools optimal career management and ensure a rise in competence.
Conscious of the requirements of employees, wishing to improve their competitiveness and productivity in a market known for its tough competition, “D Institute” provides a panoply of accompaniment, ranging from business training and management training to certifying training.otherwise, Digital Works, which is part of a changing and challenging environment, has set up a “D Institute” training plan for its employees and managers with three main objectives:

  1. Training in the business to integrate a state-of-the-art environment.
  2. Instilling a managerial culture.
  3. Training to lead a cross-functional team or a strategic project.


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The success of Digital Works is based on a foundation of strong values that make Digital Works employees a great family, of 50 nationalities. These values are born by all our employees and our management team is the first guarantor of this corporate culture.
We are convinced that our human capital, which represents a true melting pot of multiculturalism, and the commitment of our employees constitute our greatest wealth.

Gender diversity

Digital Works enforce the “Gender Diversity Policy”, through which we ensure gender equity across all jobs levels. This equity allows us to ensure a performance and a permanent challenge.